Fee: $10.00


Chapter 13, Article 6, Section 13:6-1 of the Municipal Code of the City of Plainfield, New Jersey 1971. Applicant must submit request not less than two (2) weeks prior to date of banner installation.

This application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $10.00 per location. See
attached policy regarding construction of banners.

Banners will be delivered to the Bureau of Signal Systems, Fire Division, located at Central Avenue and West Fourth Street.

Applicant is responsible for picking-up banner(s) within 10 days after banner has been removed. Thereafter the City, nor, the Fire Division, is responsible for said banner(s).

See attached policy regarding construction of banner(s).


To establish criteria to obtain a banner permit, to hang banner(s) across a street at designated locations, from the City of Plainfield.


Legislative Branch/City Clerk/Fire Division/Public Works


Locations to display special street banner(s) are usually limited to only two designated locations within
the City of Plainfield:

Primary location: Across Park Avenue and Front Street
Secondary location: Across Park Avenue and East Sixth Street

A third location is available at Park Avenue and Sixth Street (this location is seasonal not available during summer months) when there are inflexible scheduling conflicts with other banner applicants and dates. Proper standards for attaching these street banners are available at each of these locations. The Signal System, Fire Division will install and remove each banner.

The requests received to hang banner(s) are usually granted under the following conditions and arrangements:

  1. Schedule time is available.
  2. Two weeks lead time notice and application is provided.
  3. Generally the banner(s) will be displayed for a period of two (2) weeks, however, this may be extended an additional two (2) weeks if there are not any scheduling conflicts.
  4. For the banner to be properly installed it must be constructed as follows:
  • Large thumb snaps and attachment rings are required to attach the banner on the support cable. These points of attachment shall be spaced 24 inches apart on both the top and bottom of the banner and also on all four corners.
  • The banner must be between 40 inches and 46 inches wide.
  • The banner must be between 18 feet and 25 feet long.
  • The banner will be at least fourteen feet in the clear over the entire streets.
  • The banner background material must be constructed out of open mesh net to
    prevent excessive wind loading. Wind grooves, wind slits and half moon slots
    are unacceptable.
Applicant must complete.
  1. The banner(s) must be put in place no earlier than start date, and be removed no later than end date (see below)
  2. The Police Division of the City of Plainfield must be furnished with the name and
    telephone number of the employee of the Bureau of Signal System (on-call) who will be
    available in the event of an emergency as the result of the banner(s) erected and


Certificate for the necessary liability insurance in the principal sum of $1,000,000.00 naming the City of Plainfield as an additional insured must be delivered to the City Clerk prior to the scheduled day(s) of event. Strict adherence to is requirement is mandatory.


Signal Division Budget (4.38 - 101/104)


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